Kanye West and GAP Selling $90 Sweatshirt That Looks Like Every Other Sweatshirt Ever Created

Stephen Douglas

If you visit the GAP website today, you will see the trendy clothing item featured at the very top of the page is a plain sweatshirt. It comes in six colors. It cost $90. Yes, Kanye West is involved.

This is "the perfect hoodie." Here's what Hypebeast had to say about it when there was a countdown clock (seriously) on the GAP website last night:

Although nothing has been disclosed, rumors are circulating that the drop will be for double-layered YZY hoodies nicknamed “The Perfect Hoodie” and priced between $70 to $90 USD. The thick cotton hoodies have been leaked previously in a variety of bright and muted color iterations, and have been a mainstay in Kanye’s outfit rotations. Defining characteristics include the lack of a drawstring chord on the hood and dropped shoulders.

Another way to describe it would be, "hoodie-like," because it looks like every other sweatshirt that has ever been created. No drawstring? It's amazing what technology is capable of these days.

Who knows how many of these they are making, but as of 11 a.m., most of the larger adult sizes are sold out. Personally, I doubt you even care about fashion if you don't end up buying one on the secondary market for a huge markup. The only downside to owning one is that you'll spend all your time telling people that you're wearing Kanye's sweatshirt because otherwise there is no way to tell.