The Kanye West / Kurt Angle Mashup Video You Didn't Know Was Essential

Ryan Glasspiegel
Kanye West Sunday Service
Kanye West Sunday Service /

The quarantine situation we're collectively in has not had many silver linings, but a sliver of one has emerged in the meme economy. Memes have been around the internet for quite some time now, and I can't ever remember a volume of ones that have made me at least chuckle and sometimes even belly laugh like there have been in the last week or two. In the land of social isolation, memes are king.

One mashup video, distributed by the 90's WWE Twitter account, features famous footage from one of Kanye West's Sunday Services spliced with Kurt Angle's theme music. I'm not lying when I say I watched this about 15 times last night:

Whenever something this fire comes along, I kick myself for not being the one to think of it first.