Kansas AD Issues Apology After Snoop Dogg Performance at 'Late Night in the Phog'

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In one of the odder pieces of news to hit the sports world, Kansas Athletic Director Jeff Long issued an apology late Friday night for a Snoop Dogg performance gone wrong.

Snoop was hired to perform at Kansas' traditional "Late Night in the Phog" event, hosted every fall to celebrate the kickoff of the college basketball season. Long apparently told Snoop and his team to keep it clean. Shockingly, Snoop Dogg did not keep it clean, as he reportedly performed unedited versions of his songs, brought out poles and dances for "Drop It Like It's Hot", and shot fake money into the crowd adorned with his face on it.

Here's the statement Long released after the fact:

I'm sure the students in attendance were patiently waiting for this apology.

In all seriousness, it is understandable to view that as a mistake, given that the event is open to all Kansas fans and, while it runs pretty late, there were probably parents and siblings in attendance. But, I mean... if you hire Snoop Dogg, what exactly did you think was going to happen?

Kansas apologizing for a vulgar Snoop Dogg performance is not the headline anyone expected on a Saturday afternoon, but here we are.