Hoops at the Kansas-Providence Sweet 16 Game Look Way Out of Place

Providence v Kansas
Providence v Kansas / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Kansas and Providence are facing off in the Sweet 16 in Chicago on Friday night. Both teams struggled mightily on offense in the first half, combining for 43 points, with Kansas leading 26-17 at the break. We may know the reason why.

The gents of Three Man Weave are in attendance at the United Center for the contest and noticed that the hoops in the arena were completely out of place. Specifically, they were way too far out from the baseline.

Take a look:

That's pretty extreme and certainly does not pass the eye test. That angle basically eliminates a clean corner 3-pointer, which is a huge part of modern college basketball.

Kansas shot at that hoop in the first half and went 12-of-34 from the field (35.3 percent). Of their 26 points, 10 came in the paint, where a misplaced backboard probably wouldn't impact things too much. The longer the shot, the more it would matter, as such, the Jayhawks were 2-of-10 from 3-point range. That shows the theory holding.

We'll see if this continues to impact the game moving forward. Iowa State and Miami are the second game in Chicago tonight.