Kansas Jayhawks Hero Jared Casey Gets an Applebee's Commercial Thanks to NIL

Stephen Douglas
Kansas v Texas
Kansas v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Walk-on Jared Casey scored the game-winning two-point conversion as the Kansas Jayhawks beat the Texas Longhorns last weekend. The play was further immortalized when video emerged where you can hear Casey's parents watching the play from the other end of the stadium and realizing that their son was the hero of the day.

Now a celebrity, Casey was able to take advantage of the new NIL rules and shot a commercial for Applebee's. Casey got $800 cash and $1000 in Applebee's gift cards for the local ad, according to the Kansas City Star. Though I'm sure locals will argue you can't put a price on no longer having to hear the bro country anthem for a few weeks.

Casey obviously didn't get rich on this deal, but he was able to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame. To think he'd never even played an offensive snap before this.