Action News' Mick Shaffer Gives Textbook Block on Overexcited Fan During News Report

Mick Shaffer throwing a strong block
Mick Shaffer throwing a strong block /

The Kansas City Chiefs are battling to defend their Super Bowl title on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what many are calling The Big Game. Even with a pandemic putting a damper on proper celebration, Chiefs fans are excited. They got a taste of success last year with their first ring in 50 years and now they want more.

Mick Shaffer of Kansas City's Action News team got to experience that firsthand during a broadcast last night. A fan tried to butt in on Shaffer's report live from Tampa Bay. He was having none of it.

This is what professionalism looks like, folks. Barely broke his sentence. Kept his feet set. Great use of the upper body followed by a textbook arm extension. Entirely unfazed by the situation at hand. All hopeful newscasters and reporters should be taking studious notes.

Also, what a name and occupation this dude has. Mick Shaffer of Action News. Very easy to envision him participating in the news team gang war alongside Ron Burgundy.