Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Had to Get Up Before 5 a.m. to Be On FOX & Friends For 30 Seconds

Stephen Douglas

The Super Bowl is this weekend and for some reason FOX News sent Brian Kilmeade from FOX & Friends to Glendale to cover the woke agenda-having league's biggest event. To get things "kicked off" on Friday morning, Kilmeade walked through a group of pom-pom shaking Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders. He even spoke with the one who was most OK with getting up at like 4 a.m. to appear on-screen for approximately 30 seconds.

The next time someone suggests that cheerleaders need a union, show them this video. There's no way this was worth the $50 they might have received for this appearance. And don't get me started on the high school band that played him on.

Kilmeade also comes close to breaking a pretty big story saying, "We have a sense that the game will be sold out." That must be quite a relief for the NFL which just a few years ago was driving away fans with protests. And here they are today selling out a game that costs an average of $10,000 to attend.