Kaitlan Collins Laughs as Bill Barr Whispers Non-Answer About Meeting with Jack Smith

Bill Barr and Kaitlan Collins
Bill Barr and Kaitlan Collins /

CNN had Bill Barr on premises yesterday. Barr joined Kaitlan Collins to break down every aspect of Donald Trump's most recent federal indictment which was announced by prosecutor Jack Smith on Wednesday. At one point, Kaitlan Collins asked Barr if he had spoken to Smith's team since he had spoken to the January 6 Congressional Committee. This instantly made Barr uncomfortable and he deflected, saying he wasn't going to get into that.

But for some reason his voice trailed off in the second half of the sentence and Collins did not come to his rescue. Met with a silent look, Barr then repeated his answer in a whisper as if to say, please move on. Collins seemed to lean into the tremendous moment of uncomfortable tension as she stared into Barr's eyes before scoffing.

Great content. Barr is likely to face more questions that he would prefer not to get into as Trump's former Attorney General. He will probably handle them just like this, down to the whispering tone. We can only hope the silences that follow those answers are as loud as the one Collins made us all sit in.