Justin Turner Home Run Leaves Fan Covered In Nacho Cheese

Congrats to the guy pointing at the cheese.
Congrats to the guy pointing at the cheese. /

Justin Turner hit his third home run of the season on Wednesday night. Turner took Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray deep in the bottom of the third inning and the ball landed right in a fan's nachos. While the fan did a great job judging the homer, he was not able to stop the baseball from destroying his nachos and covering him in cheese.

Obviously, everyone greatly enjoyed this. People are cheering the home run and the well-played ball as well as laughing at the guy covered in cheese. Just a tremendous baseball moment. This is why you've got to throw that plate of nachos away like you're a catcher getting ready to grab a pop-up behind home plate when a home run heads in your direction. That may be your sourvenier baseball, but it is not your cheese.

UPDATE: Someone ate the cheese off the sweatshirt.