Justin Tucker Proves He's Human, Misses FG Inside 50 Yards

William Pitts
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

2019 has not been a great year for NFL kickers. Even reliable old pros such as Stephen Gostkowski (when healthy) and Adam Vinatieri have gone cold this year. Still, when Ravens kicker Justin Tucker comes out to attempt a field goal - especially one from within 50 yards - it's almost a given that he'll make it. After all, Tucker is, as of this month, the most accurate kicker in NFL history, the closest thing there is to automatic. So of course he'll make this.


To make it even more cruel, it bounced off the post.

As CBS' graphic so helpfully points out, Tucker had made his previous 39 attempts from inside 50 yards. Still, this miss may have spooked Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, given what he decided to do when a later drive stalled.

Way to show confidence in the kicking game, Coach.