Justin Thomas Delights in Justin Rose's Unfathomably Bad Drive


Two guys named Justin are among the players competing in the Paynes Valley Cup today as Tiger Woods' first public course gets its moment in the spotlight. The one from England had just a wee bit of trouble with one of his tee shots, causing the one from Louisville to drop all pretense and deliver a much-earned roasting.

Justin Thomas may be correct. One rarely sees a shot outside of a local muni that's a good 150 yards off-line, let alone on the best tour in all the world. But Justin Rose's shot was simply that poor. Like, if he could ever find his ball, he'd be best blowing it up on purpose like they did the Steve Bartman orb.

That's enough chaos for one day, thank you very much.

Not for nothing, but it would be worth every penny to have a top-tier PGA player mocking your every pathetic move during a round. Make me cry, Ian Poulter. Tell me I'm scum, Adam Scott. Cause me to question my entire existence, Jon Rahm.

Sorry. Slipped into a John Oliver bit there. Won't happen again.

Anyway, now to Rose on the tee, hitting his third ...