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Justin Jefferson Wore Some 'Spy Kids' Glasses

Kyle Koster
Minnesota Vikings v Washington Commanders
Minnesota Vikings v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson is a difficult matchup for opposing defensive backs as his breakway speed and crips route-running present problems. Secondaries would benefit from some sort of high-tech glasses that help them discover clues about Jefferson's next move. Sadly, he's one step ahead there as he warmed up today's game against the Washington Commanders sporting the glasses from Spy Kids. Spy Kids! When's the last time you thought about Spy Kids? Life is nothing if not unpredecitable.

Where does one even get those if not rifling through Tony Shalhoub's personl museum. Kirk Cousins has a chance to bury his former team and no one should be surprise if he's sporting these spectacles postgame. He won't look good but that's sort of the point.