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Justin Jefferson Fakes Injury While Doing The Griddy

Kyle Koster
Minnesota Vikings v Washington Commanders
Minnesota Vikings v Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Justin Jefferson caught a pass for 46 yards and another for a 22-yard touchdown on the Minnesota Vikings' opening possession against the Bills in Buffalo, and is on track for another monster day. When you find the end zone as frequently as he does, it becomes a challenge to keep the celebrations fresh. It appears that he's now just messing with people as he incorporated a fake hamstring pull into his Griddy.

The bit was good enough to cause brief concern from Joe Davis, but not great enough to get him hook, line, and sinker. This, of course, is the type of excellent comedy made famous by Willy Wonka, who notoriously turned a faceplant into a summersault upon meeting the Golden Ticket holders. Perhaps next time his teammates will give him enough time to complete the whole skit before butting in with their joy.