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Now I Want to See Justin Herbert Throw a Strawberry Through a Battleship

Kyle Koster
Harry How/GettyImages

Justin Herbert has been a revelation at quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers. Through four games he's led the Bolts to a 4-1 record and thrown for 1,576 yards while balancing 13 touchdowns against three interceptions. The rest of the league is beginning to see what Mike Tannenbaum saw and may leverage into another opportunity in the NFL. Superlatives are flowing with great pace as everyone tries to convey what makes the second-year quarterback so special.

Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, prepping for a matchup against Herbert, took a unique stab this morning.

"He's one of those guys who can throw a strawberry through a battleship," Martindale said.

That sounds like something Luke Skywalker would do in a Star Wars movie funded completely by Big Fruit. Here, on this planet, no one has ever done that. Hell, I would venture do goes not a single soul has attempted the feat. So it's unclear what Martindale is basing his theory on, outside of it being something that he may want to will into existence.

Can this become a thing? A new saying for a particularly blessed arm? Wouldn't hate it.

With no science behind it, here are the six quarterbacks who can throw a strawberry through a battleship:

Brett Favre

Andrew Luck

Justin Herbert

Patrick Mahomes

Kyle Boller