Justin Herbert Got a Haircut and It's Truly Terrible

Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert unveils his haircut
Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert unveils his haircut

Justin Herbert has been a revelation for the Los Angeles Chargers this season. The rookie quarterback has made a smooth transition to the NFL and is currently the odds-on favorite to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. That doesn't mean he's above making some mistakes.

Herbert spoke to the media on Wednesday and unveiled a new haircut. I don't know who is advising the kid about his looks, but this was a truly terrible decision.

Here's what Herbert looked like on Sunday:

Justin Herbert
Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins | Mark Brown/Getty Images

And he's what he brought to the table today:

And here's a side-by-side:

It will say amazing is how well the kid is playing considering he's only 14 years-old. It's incredible. Rookie mistake and a huge downgrade for Herbert. Clearly a veteran convinced him to get a haircut as part of an elaborate piece of hazing.

Seriously, who advised this? Herbert's thing for years was the sloppy long hair now he's suddenly decided he wanted to look like a high school version of Channing Tatum's character from Foxcatcher? Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa would never do such a thing. The Chargers clearly picked the wrong guy.