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Justin Herbert is Dunking on Kids This Offseason

Brian Giuffra
Justin Herbert can dunk.
Justin Herbert can dunk. / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is done wallowing in the disappointment of a late-season collapse that cost his team a playoff spot. That's a thing of the past. The future is focused on dominating once more. Starting on the basketball court.

Herbert was apparently spotted at the gym recently throwing down tomahawk dunks on some physically-overmatched opponents who look like they might still be in middle school. Or perhaps that's just because Herbert is 6-foot-6. Either way, this dunk will get all the eye-popping emojis on social media.

Nothing makes you forget your past athletic failures like current athletic success stories. While the Chargers likely don't enjoy seeing their franchise quarterback risking it all for glory on the court instead of the field, even they have to be impressed by the competitive spirit to dominate Herbert shows in the clip above.

Waving off a potential screen and taking it hard to the hoop is only half the battle. Being able to leap that high and throw it down is the other half. Demoralizing to the opposition. Uplifting for his teammates. That's the kind of leadership the Chargers need moving forward if they're to make the playoffs in 2022.

Keep hooping Herbert.