Justin Gilbert of the Cleveland Browns Described as Aloof and a Loner that Angers His Teammates

By Jason Lisk

Johnny Manziel makes all the headlines for the 2014 NFL Draftees for the Cleveland Browns, but according to Kevin Jones of Cleve Scene, 8th overall pick Justin Gilbert’s tenure has been just as big a disaster.

Gilbert was selected after the Browns traded up one spot with the Minnesota Vikings. The player taken by Minnesota after getting that extra pick from Cleveland? Anthony Barr, now tearing up the league (sorry, Browns fans).

According to Jones, the problems with Gilbert stem from his personality and lack of caring about other members of team or playing football.

Among the troubling details, the article claims that key members of the organization didn’t even vet Gilbert and meet with him prior to the selection. “But what’s troubling about the matter is that Gilbert’s personality problems are apparent to anyone who’s been around him for longer than a day,” says Jones.

Gilbert, who has started only two games at cornerback since being drafted, is described as aloof, withdrawn, and having a false sense of entitlement that “rubs people the wrong way.” Last year, he missed a mandatory team bus, had to be located 90 minutes later, and then according to the story, a teammate had to be restrained because “Gilbert stood there smiling, eating candy.”

Among the other allegations leveled against Gilbert are that he is often a loner at the team facility, that he pushed away veterans like Joe Haden that tried to mentor him, and that he is never asked to participate in community events because of his personality.

Why are the Browns a bad organization? Because Johnny Manziel looks like the best of their two picks from the 2014 draft, emblematic of their inability to get impact players. Gilbert looks like one of the biggest draft busts of the last decade.