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Justin Fields 22-Yard Touchdown Scramble Against the 49ers Was Unbelievable

Stephen Douglas
San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Justin Fields made the play of the day, week, month, and maybe season against the San Francisco 49ers. With the Chicago Bears trailing by a touchdown and facing a fourth down deep in Niners' territory in the fourth quarter, Fields looked to run the ball to the right but found a bunch of defenders. After shedding a tackle he changed course and went all the way back to the left and found his way into the end zone for a 22-yard touchdown.

What an absolutely insane play. This is like something you would see in a high school football game. While Fields did get some nice blocking after reversing course, he still looked like the best player on the field. It's the exact kind of thing the Bears were hoping for when they drafted him.

Cario Santos then missed the extra point that would have tied the game, but Fields has already had his moment. This isn't the Bears' year, but they definitely have something to be excited about.