Justin Fields' Final Pass of the Preseason Was a Touchdown, Andy Dalton's Was an Interception

Stephen Douglas
Andy Dalton and Justin Fields
Andy Dalton and Justin Fields / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Justin Fields started the final game of the preseason for the Chicago Bears as Andy Dalton sat and waited to start the Bears regular season opener. Fields ended his preseason by completing 7-of-10 passes against the Tennessee Titans and his final pass of his preseason was a touchdown pass. To contrast that, Dalton's final pass of the preseason was an interception against the Buffalo Bills last week.

Obviously, the best and worst passes these two players threw is really unfair to compare directly, but it's still pretty funny. Unless you're a Bears fans. Then you're probably worried about the team moving to the suburbs and Andy Dalton and Matt Nagy stunting Justin Fields' growth.

Andy Dalton had better be amazing in week 1 for Matt Nagy's sake.