Shockingly, the People Freaking Out Over Justin Fields' Comments May Be Overreacting

Kyle Koster
Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears were thoroughly spanked by the Green Bay Packers last night much as everyone predicted. They've now come back down to Earth after a surprising opening week win over the San Francisco 49ers, sitting at 1-1. Not doing much, not falling behind. Right in that meaty part of the curve like Steven Koren, who one day hopes to be an architect.

Sophomore quarterback Justin Fields was tasked with the thankless job of answering questions about getting walloped and, as tends to happens, offered a 10-second stretch that was used as a jumping-off people to absolutely lose their minds. But, in a surprising twist, it turns out that even the slightest additional context makes his comments perfectly understandable.

Look, fans are important. Without them there would be no money. NFL teams need thousands of these suckers to buy tickets and merchandise to help the bottom line. They are simply not as important as players — human beings who put in a tremendous amount of work trying to win games. And occasionally get as invested as fans, if not more so because they're living that life.

This happens every week where a player says something, a short clip emerges, and the blog posts and social media posts fly reaction. Then a more complete picture come up and totally tanks whatever freakout or narrative was underway, usually too late to change public sentiment.

See you back here next Monday.