I Am Honestly Impressed With Justin Bieber's Court Vision

Kyle Koster
Justin Bieber, thinking about hitting a cutter on his way to the basket.
Justin Bieber, thinking about hitting a cutter on his way to the basket. / Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Quavo, Drake and Justin Bieber took the court together Thursday in New York City and combined to create a halfway decent sizzle reel of the pickup ball.

The thing that jumps out is Quavo's in-the-gym range. Though his shooting form resembles a guy trying to wash his back with a luffa, he had no problem raining in triple after triple from behind the NBA line. It's unclear how many misses ended up on the cutting-room floor, yet it's still impressive to find the bottom of the net with such frequency.

Drake -- and I'm sorry to say this -- looks quite slow. Like he ate a large meal before competing. There's some decent skills there, including a nice midrange bucket. Unscientifically, it appears he'd benefit from a serious conditioning program.

What I really want to focus on here, though, is Justin Bieber. The guy has been playing basketball in public since he was a little tyke, sometime with hilarious results. But darn it if the Beebs hasn't transformed himself to an above-average point guard.

His court vision in this video is delightful. His willingness to share the sugar is admirable, especially for a pop superstar. He even knocks down a corner trey, an indication he's been reading up and adopting analytics.