Knicks Celebrate Julius Randle's Flagrant Foul of Danilo Galinari Near End of a Blowout Loss

Julius Randle gets in a cheap shot on Gallo.
Julius Randle gets in a cheap shot on Gallo. /

The Atlanta Hawks beat the New York Knicks easily on Sunday afternoon, 113-96. Trae Young had 27 points and 9 assists. Julius Randle had his best game of the series for the Knicks with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. He also added a flagrant foul late in the game which did not look great.

Randle gave Danillo Gallinari a shot to the body after an incident on the previous play with teammate Reggie Bullock. Gallinari came in behind Bullock and caught him with an elbow that Bullock did not appreciate. As teams went to their benches, Bullock had to be stopped from going to have a word with Gallinari.

On the very next play Randle hit Gallo and then accepted lots of high fives and congatulations form his teammates as he went to the bench to await the announcement of his flagrant-1. Very weird vibes from a team who had their fans dancing in the streets earlier this week.

It's nice that Randle is willing to step up and let the other team know that his teammates are not to be messed with, but let's be honest. This seems like end of the bench veteran tough guy work. Do you really want your star in there giving cheapshots at the end of a blowout loss? His teammates, who were probably frustrated with the game, seemed pretty proud.