Every Team Will Trade For Julio Jones If the 'Price is Right'

Julio Jones
Julio Jones / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Julio Jones trade rumors have been popping up in increased quantity and frequency this week after the All-Pro wide receiver blew the doors open on the whole thing when he told Shannon Sharpe he was out of Atlanta on Monday. Reports of interested parties and what the compensation might look like have dominated NFL headlines.

Saturday brought a report of similar quality when ESPN's Jeremy Fowler put out into the universe during Sportscenter that the Baltimore Ravens are interested in acquiring the superstar receiver. But only if "the price is right." Per Bleacher Report:

During an appearance Saturday on SportsCenter, ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler said: "I'm told [the Ravens] are willing to get involved if the price is right."

Well, I should hope so! Every team should get involved if the price is what they deem to be "right." Jones is downright incredible when he's healthy. The only reason he hasn't been traded yet is because the Falcons want a significant return. If any team felt the return Atlanta is asking for is worthwhile, then a trade would have happened. The Ravens probably leaked that info to keep their fans happy. Proving that, yeah, they'd like Julio Jones on the offense! As long as he's cheap!

I am not bashing Fowler's reporting here, but it is the kind of rumor that pops up around every good player looking to get traded. Team would like to add good player if they feel they're getting a good deal. Groundbreaking stuff.

By the time this is all said and done I'd be willing to bet my non-existent mortgage that we get the above report in some form from over half of the league. The count begins now!