Julio Jones Hates Touchdowns

Brian Giuffra
Julio Jones does not like touchdowns.
Julio Jones does not like touchdowns. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Julio Jones has a history of touchdown futility. It appears he still can't shake it.

In the third quarter of the Falcons game against the Cowboys, Jones dropped a perfect pass from wide receiver Russell Page on a trick play that would have resulted in a touchdown. Jones doesn't have a touchdown catch this year and is mired in a new streak of no touchdowns dating back to last December.

In 2018, Jones went 12 games and made 90 catches in between touchdowns. It's not quite that bad this time, but it has been four games since he caught his last touchdown on Dec. 15, 2019.

Meanwhile, Jones' counterpart on the outside, Calvin Ridley, has become a mainstay in the end zone.

Having Jones opposite you is an obvious benefit to Ridley. Jones is always going to command the attention of any defense he faces. However, it's nevertheless frustrating for one of the top wide receivers in the NFL to struggle scoring touchdowns. It's even more so when he drops easy ones on trick plays.