Julian Love Takes Shots at Nick Sirianni on 'Good Morning Football'

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

It's been an eventful morning at the Good Morning Football studio and it was made even more so by New York Giants safety Julian Love. Love appeared on the show to talk about the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl run and had nothing but praise for the roster. He even complimented his rival's head coach, saying Nick Sirianni has done a good job of not doing too much and letting his team play their way.

Things took a turn when the GMFB crew showed highlights of Sirianni showboating on the sideline during the Eagles' dominant win. Love did not like that and said the coach was in for a "free ride" this season before saying that any one of the hosts could coach this Philly team.

The many in-depth profiles of Sirianni that will inevitably be published in the lead-up to the Big Game will tell us exactly how hands-off he is, but there is no denying the roster is loaded. And I would love to see Kyle Brandt coach this team.

At least the GMFB producers got exactly what they were hoping for by bringing on a divisional rival.