Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola Remind Everyone Not to Eat NERF Darts

Liam McKeone
Don't Eat The Darts
Don't Eat The Darts /

The strange year that is 2020 continued in force on Thursday. Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman, buddies from their Patriots days even though Amendola has since moved on to Detroit, teamed up to make a video for NERF.

The message? Don't eat NERF darts.

It's all just extremely bizarre. I am unsure if I'm actually awake or if this is a product of my mind dreaming up insanity after being cooped up for so long. If it's the latter, I would very much like to wake up now.

Is eating darts an actual problem? I imagine very small children, who can and will do dumb things because they are small children, might occasionally have a bite. If you have a cat or dog, that's a risk, too. But those demographics would not understand a message from two football players about it. Who's the target here?

Many questions. Few answers.