Julia Stiles' Cyberpunk Teen on 'Ghostwriter' Ironically Lives Forever Online

Stephen Douglas
Julia Stiles on 'Ghostwriter.'
Julia Stiles on 'Ghostwriter.' /

Julia Stiles has been in the news lately. I mean, not really, but did recently talk to the AV Club about some of her random acting roles. So let's look at Julia Stiles very early in her career on Ghostwriter. Just watch this incredible 41-second clip of Stiles' character, "Erica Dansby," lecturing another member of the school newspaper about the specifics of early 90s internet culture as seen by the writers of a PBS kids show.

Ah yes, the Internet, where you are judged by what you say and think and not by what you look like. It sounds pretty great! We should all check it out. Erica ending her ode to the power and majesty of the Internet by shouting, "We need more paper" was the moment print news began to die.

Here's what Stiles had to say about her Ghostwriter stint. Via The AV Club:

"Ghostwriter, I mean, to be honest, I’m pretty embarrassed, and I wish that it didn’t have a life on the internet. I was so little and precocious, and it’s embarrassing to me. I mean, I’m grateful for all the work that I’ve been able to do in a job, and especially because that was when I was auditioning and all you want to do is get work. So I’m certainly grateful, but also extremely embarrassed."

How ironic that the very Internet she praised and loved in that clip is the one thing keeping her from putting her dark past behind her. It sounds like she is actually the one who can't jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace.