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Potentially Meaningful Hashtags on Juan Soto's Instagram Post Are Noticed

Kyle Koster
Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Juan Soto is the modern day Ted Williams. Very smart baseball people have said this. The 22-year-old phenom is in the last year of a contract with the Washington Nationals. Considering the franchise's recent moves, which sent tens of millions of dollars elsewhere, it certainly seems like the plan is to rebuild around Soto's bright star. But nothing in baseball, like nothing in life, is guaranteed. And when one starts speculating about different landing places, New York is always the first town that comes to mind.

Even if the player in question hasn't posted a picture to Instagram with a series of hashtags leading people in that direction, as Soto happened to do Wednesday in advance of a doubleheader against the Mets at Citi Field.

Now #future and #newyork aren't exactly smoking guns here. I too am considering the future and New York things despite having no grand plans to further my career there down the road. Maybe, though. Soto's post has sleuths on the case and analyzing the meanings from all different directions. Probably nothing but perhaps something.

If Soto does, somehow, land with the Mets perhaps he'll do a follow-up post like the guy from The Snowman. The clues were there all along.