Can Jrue Holiday Set a Trend?

Jrue Holiday.
Jrue Holiday. / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

In 11 years in the NBA, Jrue Holiday has made around $125 million with another $51 million due over the next two seasons. Factor in taxes, house payments and expenses, and he should still have a boatload of money in the bank. Yet people are acting like his donation of $5.3 million (his remaining paychecks for the 2020 season) to charity is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes, it's amazing. But in these times, shouldn't we expect that?

While people like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donate large sums in these times, others zip up the wallet and turn their head around from the carnage behind them. It's a shame too. When you have so much, why not give some back?

My only hope here is Holiday starts a trend. While Rajon Rondo might have been complaining about how bad his room in the NBA bubble and other players commented on the food, there are people outside of those walls who literally can't afford to eat, can't afford to keep their businesses operating and can't afford to pay their rent/mortgages. If you have the means to help them out, as Holiday clearly does, why wouldn't you?

This is a capitalistic society, not a socialist one. We celebrate those who become billionaires through innovation (or good looks) and ignore those who fall on hard times for one reason or another. But when you see someone like Holiday give back, it just reminds you how lucky some people are and how little they would have to sacrifice to help someone else. We'll see if anyone else answers the call.