Joy Reid Taking Over Early-Evening Time Slot on MSNBC

Kyle Koster
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Moves 2015 Power Women Awards Gala / Ron Adar/Getty Images

MSNBC has tapped Joy Reid to serve as the permanent anchor in the 7 p.m. time slot, the network announced this morning. Reid, who has been a weekend morning anchor and regular fill-in host during primetime for the past several years, is stepping into the hour long occupied by Chris Matthews. It's been over three months since he resigned over sexual harassment accusations.

"Reid's new Washington-based show, “The ReidOut,” will debut July 20. It will feature one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers and cover the political issues of the day, drawing from Reid’s experience of covering the intersection of race, justice and culture."

Competing at 7 p.m. is extremely important to all networks looking to have viewers in place for the primetime rush. Neither CNN or Fox News have particularly heavy hitters in the lineup so Reid should have hope to make a dent.

All told, it's quite a remarkable stabilization for her, considering the fact that two years ago she was embroiled in a scandal that was ultimately resolved by a hacking claim which still remains a bit dubious.

But, hey, you can't predict the news or the people who will be weighing in on it.