Josh Norman Body-Slamming Odell Beckham Started the Madness


Before writers everywhere lose their mind over Odell Beckham, and what Tom Coughlin should or shouldn’t have done – the obvious, easy answer is nothing – let’s remember one important note: Josh Norman started the entire afternoon of madness on the 5th play from scrimmage.

On the 4th play of the game Odell Beckham toasted Norman but dropped a touchdown pass. On the very next play, as the two were jawing, Beckham put up his hands as if to say, ‘I’m not doing anything’ and then Norman body-slammed him.

That sent Beckham into a rage that never subsided. On the third play, Beckham went looking for payback. He threw a shoulder at Norman and tossed him down. That wasn’t enough.

You could tell after the slam, Beckham was extremely angry. And understandably so. His anger lasted the entire game, and at times, sure, he went over the top. Especially on this play, where he speared Norman with a helmet-to-helmet shot that will draw a fine, and perhaps a suspension.

It’s easy so sit at your computer and say that Beckham is a professional and that he should have been the bigger man, and blah, blah, blah. Reminder: Beckham is a 23-year old who was going head-to-head with the best cornerback in football in a heated, physical game. Norman talked trash this week. Norman talked more trash when Beckham had a drop on New York’s 2nd series.

When you read everyone blasting Odell Beckham – and he deserves a lot of blame – just remember who started it.