Josh Johnson Used Madden to Learn His Names of Co-Workers

Kyle Koster

The NFL’s retread, emergency quarterback market is fascinating. One never knows which blast from the past is going to pop up next. Half of these guys are like bank robbers who retired from the game only to be convinced to come back for one last score. That score is often a spot start against the Indianapolis Colts or mop-up duty against the Denver Broncos. The stakes of these movies are very low.

For instance, who expected Josh Johnson to make a cameo in yesterday’s Giants-Redskins game? Certainly not Josh Johnson. Guy was hanging out, shooting hoops, blissfully unaware of the Redskins depth chart a week ago.

So how does one learn the names of new co-workers in a jiffy? By firing up Madden and mashing some buttons.

Sounds like an excuse to play video games to me. A brilliant one. Savvy move by an on-again off-again veteran.