Josh Hawley: Free Woj

Kyle Koster
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Sen. Josh Hawley, who brought Adrian Wojnarowski's two-word email response to the world's attention and precipitated the NBA insider receiving a two-week unpaid suspension from ESPN, has joined the #FreeWoj movement. Up is down. Left is right. People are saying hello when they leave and goodbye when they arrive. Or maybe even bad-bye.

Hawley has some simple demands. All he wants is for ESPN to reinstate Wojnarowski and for the Senate Judiciary Committee to subpoena NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in order to disclose the league's financial ties with China. Easy peasy.

It's a shame ESPN is without its best NBA newsbreaker for two pivotal weeks. One has to feel for Hawley, who like so many others doesn't believe Woj should be punished for actions only made public by a snitch-tag.

Oh well. All of this was unavoidable.

We'll continue to search for who the suspension is serving. Neither the person who was told to eff off or the people who would have done the exact same thing seem particularly pleased with it as the #FreeWoj tent is proving to be expansive and inclusive across the ideological spectrum.