Josh Gordon Tweet Is As Big a Shot at the Browns As It Is Damarious Randall

Ryan Glasspiegel

On the Browns’ opening drive on Sunday, Josh Gordon had two catches for 56 yards and a touchdown and it looked like he was en route to a 40-plus point fantasy day. But he had just one reception the rest of the way, and this was largely attributable to Damarious Randall, the Packers’ cornerback who has had a renaissance in recent weeks. Randall crowed after the game:

To which Gordon responded:

"Great Win for them but let’s be serious.. Considering several of our disadvantages as a team, this kid couldn’t hold my jock strap on my worst day lol..@RandallTime"

— Flash Gordon (@JOSH_GORDONXI

That … sure sounds like a shot at the Browns. Not that Gordon is wrong. Cleveland has not won a game this year and it was mind-boggling in real-time that Hue Jackson and DeShone Kizer could not concoct a way to get him the ball. Further, the defense was allowing Brett Hundley to dink and dunk down the field at will in the second half and overtime, without ever jumping routes. Nevertheless, this was an interesting way for Josh Gordon to retort.

Randall wound up punching back with a reference to Gordon’s many drug suspensions:

It’s unlikely that this will become a full-fledged rivalry because they play in separate conferences, but you never know.