Josh Donaldson Ejected After Hitting Home Run

Ryan Phillips
Josh Donaldson ejected by Dan Bellino after hitting a home run.
Josh Donaldson ejected by Dan Bellino after hitting a home run. /

Josh Donaldson may be the first player in major league history to get ejected after hitting a home run. Yes, that's a thing that actually happened to the Minnesota Twins third baseman on Thursday.

Donaldson was at the plate in the top of the sixth inning against the Chicago White Sox and argued a strike call with home plate umpire Dan Bellino. It looked like it got a bit contentious, but Bellino didn't throw him out. Later in the at-bat, Donaldson launched a 381-foot home run to left field to put the Twins up 3-2.

As Donaldson crossed home plate he dragged his foot across it, kicking dirt on it as a sign of disrespect to the ump. He was immediately tossed. He went back to the plate and kicked more dirt on it and had words for Bellino. It was a really odd scene.

Check it out:

Josh, what are you doing? It's a close game and your team definitely needs you. The Twins and White Sox are in a tight battle for first place in the American League Central and potentially the top seed in the AL playoffs. Getting run in an important game is moronic, even if the umpire you're dealing with is a moron.