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Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are Best Friends and They're Going to the AFC Championship

Stephen Douglas
Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs
Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs /

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are taking the Buffalo Bills to the AFC Championship. Since Allen is cooking and Diggs is getting the ball at a high rate, these two are best friends. If the Bills win next week, expect it to be a story that snowballs, but for now we have this great interview with Michele Tafoya where they come off as lifelong friends and not just co-workers who have had limited practice time this season.

Diggs almost earned himself an FCC fine by dropping an "a-word," but caught himself while praising Allen. Diggs, the NFL's leading receiver this season, had eight catches for 106 yards and the touchdown that put the Bills up 10-3. (Then Taron Johnson happened.)

Diggs and Allen have been an incredible duo all season, but this was the first time America got to see them bro out like this.