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Josh Allen Ruined Josh Allen's Day

Stephen Douglas
Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars
Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Josh Allen had himself a game on Sunday and no one hated it more than Josh Allen. The Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker sacked and intercepted his namesake during the Bills - Jaguars week 9 matchup. It was the first time in NFL history that a player had sacked or intercepted someone with the same name, ensuring both players will live on together as trivia for the rest of time.

Allen and Allen are opposite, but so similar. Just look at the numbers.

We may never see anything like this again, but if we do, people will trip over themselves to mention Josh Allen versus Josh Allen. The time Josh Allen traveled from Buffalo to Jacksonville to have his afternoon ruined by Josh Allen.

UPDATE: And then Josh Allen recovered a Josh Allen fumble.

What else could Josh Allen possibly do to Josh Allen!?