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Josh Allen Explains Christian Wilkins Fight to Kyle Brandt

Liam McKeone
Josh Allen and Christian Wilkins
Josh Allen and Christian Wilkins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Josh Allen was visibly frustrated throughout Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins. Part of that was presumably due to an aggravating lack of production offensively that led the Buffalo Bills to a 19-point outing and a two-point loss. But Christian Wilkins definitely played a role too, regardless of the outcome of the game. Wilkins was giving out some borderline late/illegal hits to the Bills all game long and eventually Allen grew so frustrated he ripped Wilkins' helmet off his head, leading to a personal foul penalty.

Allen's outburst was more than a bit shocking. He loves talking trash as much as the next guy out there but very rarely gets chippy to the point that he gets physical with opponents after the whistle. Allen joined Kyle Brandt for his weekly spot on Kyle Brandt's Basement and explained he lost his temper while appearing to confirming to Brandt that Wilkins grabbed his groin while they were in the pile that preceded the fracas.

Pretty weird to have a reputation for doing that sort of thing earned over a period of several years! But as an aggravation tactic it's clearly working. The personal foul flag Wilkins drew for getting his helmet ripped off set the Bills back 15 yards on a rather important offensive possession.

Fortunately for all those who love conflict, the Bills and Dolphins will meet again in December. Mark your calendars!