Joseph Fauria Tweets (and Deletes) About Russell Wilson Possibly Stealing His Girlfriend

Stephen Douglas

Joseph Fauria, the Lions’ dancing tight end, tweeted and deleted about Russell Wilson stealing his girlfriend last night. It seems that Fauria has been dating former WWE Diva, Erika Hammond. Over the last couple months, Hammond has posted multiple picture to Instagram of herself and Fauria and plenty of Lions gear, but other than that not much has been written about the couple.

Or former couple as it may be. Fauria’s tweet implies that Hammond has switched teams and gotten with the Russell Wilson. Fauria went so far as to include Brennan Clay in the tweet. Clay, who outed his wife for cheating with the Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray. Perhaps Clay is a pioneer in athletes publicizing players stealing girlfriends.

It should also be noted that Hammond retweeted a Vine of Fauria twerking yesterday so maybe this was just an excuse to use the “spray tan” hashtag? Maybe the most interesting part of all this (depending on your definition of “interesting”) is that Fauria is now teammates with Golden Tate. You may have heard some rumors about Tate and Wilson and Tate’s wife that surfaced after Tate left Seattle. Percey Harvin also might have gotten involved. The Lions and Seahawks are the two current NFC Wildcard teams.

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