Jose Peraza Forgets How Many Outs There Are, Allows Tagging Runner to Score From Second

Kyle Koster

A wise scholar once said that 90 percent of baseball is half mental. That’s part of the reason you see defensive players habitually reminding each other how many outs there, sort of like the adroitly non-verbal bros in American Pie.

Occasionally that communication breaks down and a fielder forgets how many outs have been recorded in an inning. That’s what happened to Cincinnati outfielder Jose Peraza last night against the Angels.

After making a snag in deep left-center, he took some personal time to relax, which allowed Los Angeles’ Wilfredo Tovar the chance to tag up and score from second base.

Good things happen when you seek out extra cardio. A doctor once told me that and this embeddable clip from seems to back him up.