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Jose Iglesias Is a Magician

Kyle Koster
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Los Angeles Angels shortstop Jose Iglesias plays the position as beautifully as anyone has ever played it. That's not hyperbole. His artistry and unmatched imagination is largely under-appreciated but anyone who really wanted to could spend a half-hour reviewing some of the otherworldly and creative defensive gems he's collected.

His latest came last night against the Oakland A's. Tasked with charging a chopper and the inability to use his throwing arm to get the force at second, Iglesias simply violently flicked his gloved wrist and uncorked a perfect shovel to its intended target.

It goes without saying that professional athletes do things the Average Joe could never dream of doing. But really consider what would happen if you encountered a similar chance during a church softball league. Your brain wouldn't even allow you to consider doing what Iglesias did for fear of injury. And if you did, what would follow is someone chasing the ball down the left field line or even behind the catcher.