Jose Bautista Was "Randomly" Drug Tested a Large Number of Times


Jose Bautista hit a total of 97 home runs in 2010 and 2011, after hitting 59 his first four seasons in the majors. Coincidentally, he appears to have been “randomly” drug tested an extraordinary number of times by Major League Baseball.

Bautista claimed he was drug tested 16 times the past two seasons, compared to three times in 08 and 09. Players face two mandatory tests, one in spring training and one during the season. They can be tested a further two times. A computer also “randomly” hands out additional drug tests. If Bautista’s claim is correct, the computer “randomly” chose him at least eight times.

Fortunately, this brand of vigilance has eradicated the “so-called” Steroid Era. There is no more artificial enhancement.