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Jose Alvarado Is the Sneakiest NBA Player in Years

Kyle Koster
Justin Ford/GettyImages

Jose Alvarado provided a spark off the bench last night for the New Orleans Pelicans in a road victory over Portland, scoring six points on three shots, grabbing four boards and doling out three assists. The rookie guard out of Georgia Tech also racked up four steals in his 15 minutes of action and continued to solidify himself as the an absolute force in the forcing-turnovers department. And no one in the league does it with as much creativity as Alvarado, who has established a pattern of camouflaging himself before performing a sneak attack against unsuspecting opponents. He's basically the NBA's version of Gene Parmesan.

Some of these burglaries are downright diabolical. If I were hypothetically putting together a crew to knock over a Vegas casino or steal the Declaration of Independence, finding someone like Alvarado who is able to do the smashing and grabbing before anyone knows what's going on would be imperative. Dammit, shouldn't have left a paper trail on those potential capers. Disregard.

The best part about Alvarado's bit is that it would absolutely cause a dust-up in a pickup game. And yet there he is, clowning the best players in the world simply by trying harder for 94 feet. All fun and games until someone takes exception and delivers a purposeful elbow.