Jorge Sedano and Dan Dakich Are a Combustible Broadcast Booth


The Summer League is all about catching a glimpse of future NBA stars. It may also be an opportunity to see some broadcasters — and broadcast pairings — which could prove valuable in the future. And ESPN may have something with the Jorge Sedano-Dan Dakich collaboration.

The duo got into a spirited and prolonged discussion during yesterday’s game between the Pelicans and Heat. Sedano had laudatory things to say about the coaching prowess of Erik Spoelstra while Dakich about to hear it.


This is not just embracing debate — it’s giving it a bear hug. Viewers could be forgiven if they thought they’d slipped into some sort of impromptu radio show. Plenty of game action went on the wayside before these two agreed to disagree and cross-pollinate each other’s shows.

So, a happy ending, even if it took a while to get there.