Jordan Spieth Carries On Extended, One-Sided Conversation With His Golf Ball

122nd U.S. Open Championship - Round Three
122nd U.S. Open Championship - Round Three / Andrew Redington/GettyImages

There is nothing like the unlimited potential and fear that comes with Jordan Spieth beginning a tournament on Thursday. Like when the 17-year-old halfheartedly checks your safety harness on a roller coaster. You realize no one is in control and you're at the mercy of the ride. This makes him one of the most exciting players to root for on the PGA Tour because you're going to be gripping your seat trying to survive and he's going to be narrating the entire thing.

Few are more expressive and conversational on the course, as evidenced by his willingness to direct his golf ball on a par-three this afternoon at the Travelers Championship.

This is quite relatable. Although my ball would have disregarded the barking and landed in the water. Spieth's complied and did everything asked. That's why you pay for the premium brand.

It's not been a great opening nine for Spieth, who made the turn at two-over and needs to find some rhythm if he wants to make the cut.