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Jordan Spieth Provides Expansive, Shocked Commentary at the Scottish Open

Kyle Koster
Andrew Redington/GettyImages

Jordan Spieth will take you on a journey each and every time he tees off. Sometimes it is a pleasant one and other times it feels like the demented river boat ride Willy Wonka cooked up. Through it all, though, one thing remains constant: Spieth's running commentary of everything that's going on out on the course and inside his head.

He stepped onto the box on the par-three No. 3 at the Genesis Scottish Open three strokes under par and playing quite well. Uneven wind gusts were cause for concern and presented an opportunity for dialog with caddie Michael Greller. Greller liked the club in Spieth's hand far more than the golfer did and convinced him to swing it.

Leading to this no, no, no, no, no .... yes moment — something even horrible players get to enjoy.

Spieth would miss the birdie opportunity and card a three. A very verbose three.

It's beating a dead horse at this point, yet it's remarkable how much is added to the experience by a golfer willing to engage with anyone and everyone out loud.