Jordan Spieth Pulled Off His Best Shot Ever at the Ryder Cup

Jordan Spieth from an uncomfortable lie.
Jordan Spieth from an uncomfortable lie. /

Jordan Spieth pulled off one of the greatest shots in golf history on Friday morning at the Ryder Cup. Hyperbole? Probably, but just look at this absolutely insane shot. A Justin Thomas tee shot left him an impossible lie on the "Pinched Nerve" 17th with the ball stuck between a green wall and Lake Michigan. Spieth simply took a mighty swing, hit the ball straight up in the air and dropped it on the green a few feet away, while Spieth retreated towards the water.

Just an absolutely incredible, unbelievable shot. It's the kind of thing that every golfer dreams of when they find a ball they should have just left lost. Just get in there and take a hack and something good might happen. It never does. Except for this time.

Sergio Garcia and Jon Rahm ended up winning the hole and beating Spieth and Justin Thomas, 3 & 1, but this is the kind of highlight that lives forever.