Jordan Spieth Takes Aggressive Approach to Fairway Ice Cream Cone

Kyle Koster

Tomorrow morning brings with it the 150th Open Championship and that means there will be a lot of sleepless nights anticipating all the gifts to unpack. The world's best golfers are out for one final walk around St. Andrews and are studying the finer points of the course and devising plans for any situation that may arise. Like, for instance, what if the outcome of the major swings on which player can most efficiently and effectively house an ice cream cone on the fairway?

Jordan Spieth dove headfirst into the exercise upon being handed a delicious treat, wasting no time attacking it with gusto. And without any monologue or second-guessing, which is not always the case.

Guy is locked in. A top-10 finish at the Scottish Open and now this? Look out, field.