Jordan Kilganon Stole the NBA All-Star Game with a No-Look Dunk in Jeans

Kyle Koster

A day after Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon squared off in one of the better NBA Slam Dunk contests in history, they were upstaged by a dude wearing jeans and a tucked-in tank top.

Jordan Kilganon, a Canadian professional dunker, threw down a Gordon-like jam with a no-look element during a timeout in the All-Star Game. It was incredible and did not go unnoticed by the sport’s best players.

Kilganon stands only 6-foot-1, making the dunk even more impressive.


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A pros vs. average Joes element to next year’s contest isn’t the worst idea that’s ever been floated on this website. Tell me seeing this guy go against LaVine wouldn’t be compelling television.