U.S. Senator Uses Uno Card Meme to Demonstrate Point About Federal Spending

Liam McKeone
Is this real life?
Is this real life? /

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa was addressing the Senate today. The topic, as has been the case recently, concerned federal spending and its relation to the U.S. debt ceiling. In an effort to hammer home a point she made about Democrats refusing to budge on what Republicans would call "unnecessary spending," Ernst pulled out an Internet meme.

It was the Uno Card meme. She called it a "popular meme," which I'm not sure I entirely agree with and especially given her audience of fellow Senate members, but that is neither here nor there. Here is the video of something that actually happened on the floor of the country's Senate.

This was apparently a running theme in Ernst's presentation and it featured several different Uno cards. She does, in fact, yell "Uno!" at one point.

What a wild world we live in. Senator's Twitter handles are displayed below their actual names on C-Span and they're using memes to argue about changes that will impact the country from top to bottom.

It is impossible to wonder what's next. Will a Democratic senator utilize the legendary Brooks/Bryson meme in response? Will it spark a meme war from which America will never recover? If this happened today, truly anything can. The possibilities are endless.